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Leandra Pogson is our AmeriCorps Bilingual Support Advocate. She is a native of the Dominican Republic, and lived for several years in Puerto Rico. Leandra just signed on for an additional year of AmeriCorps service, and spoke with Libby Wahlstrom about her experience. 



Why did you want to become an AmeriCorps member with the Literacy Center?

Belonging to AmeriCorps gives me the opportunity to gain experiences and get closer to the community, while also allowing me to collaborate with the purpose of supporting the Family Literacy Program.

Describe your role. What is your work like?

I am the liaison between the learners and the program. I provide support to the team and collect data. Also, I provide orientation and information to the learners according to their needs and sometimes I serve as the recruitment agent for the program.

What has been the most exciting part? The hardest part?

The most exciting part is when I hear that the program has helped to improve learners’ lives or their relationship with others. On the other hand, the most difficult thing for me has been listening to the difficulties or barriers of people who want to attend the classes, especially when they have the motivation and interest.

How did you grow personally or professionally this year?

I think the growth has been significant. In the professional field I have obtained a lot of skills, many of which have helped me to fulfill my role as a family assistant. In the personal aspect, I consider that the staff that I have met and the moments that I have lived during this period have been of the most valuable things.

Do you have any favorite stories to share?

For me the most beautiful story is to see the families of the program share and practice with their children what they have learned.

What do you want people to know about being an AmeriCorps member at the Literacy Center?

LCWM 69 copyI would like you to know that being an AmeriCorps member brings you closer to people, shows you the need for literacy services and at the same time makes you part of the change. Being AmeriCorps at Literacy Center gives you stories to tell and a lot of professional experience and above all the satisfaction of collaborating in the achievement of the program’s objectives. 

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