News & Blog: Advocate Spotlights

About: Leandra is from the Dominican Republic, but lived in the United States approximately 8 years prior to relocating to Grand Rapids. Leandra received a Bachelor Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Psychological Counseling while living in the Dominican Republic. In January 2018, she entered the Family Literacy Program as a learner who wanted to improve her English proficiency. After reaching proficient levels at the North Godwin class, she was encouraged to apply for the AmeriCorps position and ended up joining the AmeriCorps team as a Learner Support Advocate. In August of the same year, Leandra was hired as the first permanent Program Assistant for the Family Literacy Team.
Hobbies: In her free time, Leandra enjoys spending time with her family. It's common to see her family come together to cook and socialize.
Favorite part of the job: Leandra looks forward every day to connecting with the Literacy Center's learners. There have been several moments throughout her time at the Litearcy Center where she has been able to have meaningful conversations with different learners, leaving them enouraged and inspired to keep going. These moments have given her a sense of joy and fufillment in the Literacy Center's mission and purpose. 

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