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About: Sharron led the GRPS Human Resources & Legal Services Department. Sharron had over 23 years of experience working in a K-12 environment, having served as the General Counsel and Chief of Staff in a large urban school system prior to joining the GRPS team. Sharron has been a lawyer for 40 years specializing in the areas of school law, employment law and litigation.

Sharron also has extensive experience in strategic planning, organizational development and process improvement. Sharron has a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Michigan and a Juris Doctor from Wayne State University School of Law. Sharron is an active member of the Georgia and Florida Bar Associations, a member of the Floyd Skinner Bar Association, the National and Michigan Council of School Attorneys, and the Michigan Negotiators Association. She is currently the chair of the City of Grand Rapids Civil Service Commission and is a Board member and Chair of the Board Development Committee of the Michigan Shore to Shore Girls Scouts Council.

Affiliated with the Literacy Center: Sharron has been affiliated with the Literacy Center since 2020.

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