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Quatina and her tutor Tara

Hi, my name is Quatina Michael. I have three kids, and their names are Damion, Alexis and Dae’Qwan. They go to Kentwood Public Schools. Damion is in the 12th grade, Alexis is in the 9th grade, and Dae’Qwan is in the 8th grade.

Dae’Qwan got a job this past summer raking grass. I am so proud of him, it’s his first job and he is so happy too. The kids stay with their grandma, but they come over almost every day in the summer to see us and we spend time with them going swimming, going to the movies together, just staying home watching a movie on TV, or having a picnic at the park. Over the summer they started to meet some of their cousins and an uncle they have never met before. My youngest son asked a lot of different questions about his family he never met before.

I work at Golden Corral as a server. What I like about my job is meeting different people and talking to them. I have worked as a server for over a year.

 My tutor Tara and I started working together two years ago. I like reading different books and am learning how to get my license. My favorite book we have read is “Stella by Starlight.”

Working with the Literacy Center has helped me because I feel more confident and proud of what I have accomplished. My next goal is to get my license and get a car, and to also get my GED. I am thankful to Tara for helping me learn new things and achieve my goals.

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