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Guest blogger: Franciel Palencia
Franciel is a learner in our Adult Tutoring Program and wrote this article for The Reader, our quarterly learner newsletter. 

Franciel Palencia

My name is Franciel. I am from Venezuela which is the country in South America near Columbia and Brazil. I have two kids: Santiago and Andres. Santiago is 9 years old, he is in 4th grade and he loves to play soccer. Andres is 7 years old. He is in 2nd grade and he likes to swim and play Legos all time.

My husband’s name is Jose Luis Rivas. We have been married for 12 years. He likes to wake up early and read the bible, while he drinks his coffee. We met in college UPEL-IPB (pedagogical).

My family came to U.S. in 2014. We came to plant a church that was multicultural. I like many things in USA. I enjoy the seasons, because in my country there are only two seasons, summer all time and sometimes rain in August. The temperature is always high, for example 80F.

My kids love the winter, because they play outside sledding in the snow.

My favorite season is Fall, because the leaves change their color. Another thing I love in USA is the people. I live in Grandville MI, the people are wonderful, all the time are very nice with me and my family. They always want to help us and to teach your language English.

I have for about 8 months been learning English with my teacher Denise [Montebello]. She is very funny. I enjoy all the time my class English.

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