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By Olivia Montero, a recent graduate from our Adult Tutoring Program. She and her tutor, Tim Bolema, worked together from May 2017 until she graduated in August 2018. Olivia wrote this story for our Fall 2018 edition of The Reader, our newsletter of learner writing. 

I recently became interested in eating healthy foods. I have been thinking of having a garden. Then a friend told me about a place where there is a community garden sponsored by church. I was able to rent a small plot. I was very excited because I have a garden of my own.

My garden is providing me with a lot of good vegetables like tomatoes, chili peppers, green leaves (kale, arugula etc.). Also my garden provided me with food that is pesticide free.

My garden provides a connection with nature that helps me to relax. When I’m working in the garden I forget about things that are bothering me. I was able to connect with other gardeners and make friends.

My garden provided me with a lot of exercise that every gardener needs to do like planting, watering, weeding and general care.

It has been fun and rewarding to care for my garden and I am very grateful for all that my garden has given me.

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