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Guest Blogger: Rebekah Ewing, Literacy Coordinator

Last week, we celebrated with Pedro de Ingunza Aguilar as he graduated from our Adult Tutoring Program. After just eight months of working alongside his tutor, Julie Gendler, Pedro reached the 9th grade reading level! He reports that now he can communicate better at work, pronounce words better, and understand what people say.

Pedro is from Peru and moved to the United States about three years ago. When Pedro first came to the U.S., he was working Julie and Pedro graduation 2two jobs and had very little free time. He wanted to work as a truck driver, but knew he would need to pass an exam to be certified. He put the training manual through Google translate in order to study. He took the exam in English and passed. He said that out of 40 people, he was the only non-native speaker in the class, and he was one of 20 who passed.

While Pedro has been working as a truck driver in Michigan, he recently found a better job and will be moving to North Carolina. Pedro is not a fan of Michigan winters and is excited to be moving to a warmer climate! For his new job, Pedro said that he will be able to synthesize the technical skills he learned as a truck driver, and what he learned from his master’s program in Peru.

In his free time, Pedro likes to volunteer. He’s been helping out at a prison, something he is very passionate about.

We wish Pedro the best in his new job and his new (warmer!) state!

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