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 Written by Carrie Roper, IET Coordinator

Shola GroupShola came to the United Stated from Nepal in 2018 with her husband and their young daughter.  The reason?  To find better opportunities for work and to further her education.  In her home country, going on to higher education, especially in healthcare, can be very expensive.  That is why Shola was excited to hear about the certified nursing assistant (CNA) classes being offered at no cost through Goodwill and the Literacy Center.

Shola eagerly signed up and began the class in January. When asked how she liked the class, Shola explained, “Oh, it was wonderful!  I liked the way they taught the class.  It was so practical and simple…We felt like we are learning and it was entertainment – we never felt like it was too hard.” 

She shared that both the English instructor, Jane, and the CNA instructor from Goodwill, Jodi, always took the time to ensure that Shola Group
all the topics they covered were understood.  Jane even used games to practice the language and vocabulary, which Shola loved.

After completing the CNA course, Shola graduated from the Literacy Center.  But education for Shola does not stop there.  Her goal is to continue learning and going for higher education classes once she begins working in a hospital.  

She explains, “If I learn more, I will be able to help people more.”

For now, Shola is waiting to take her state certification exam while also perfecting her resume to send to local hospitals.  She was excited, also, to connect her husband to virtual English classes at the Literacy Center.  She was even more surprised, when helping him log in to the Zoom class, to see that his teacher would be her previous English teacher from the CNA class, Jane!

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