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By Cynthia Salinas, Communications Coordinator

“Left Mexico, good job, but I had to leave for my daughter,” Pilar shares. Pilar is a chemical engineer and a pedagogue in Mexico. However, her daughter’s heart conditions left her no choice, but to move to the U.S. to receive medical care.

She says, “In the country, I find kindness in the people, in the government. If my daughter alive, we go here.”

Although building community has been difficult forPilar_3.jpg
Pilar because she and her daughter have lived in so many different places around the U.S., she testifies, “I have good experience with American people. They are good to me. I can learn more about American culture. People confían (trust) easily. I work for American people. I always thank God for good job, for my daughter, and stable house for my daughter and me.” As a single parent, Pilar works cleaning houses and is grateful to be able to have good and steady income to provide for her and her daughter. 

 The Family Literacy Program (FLP) English classes provide a place for Pilar to practice her English. “[I need to] communicate with my daughter and the people in this country. I took many English classes in my country, but I need to practice.” She adds, “I need to communicate with her teacher, her doctor. For example, today, I helped my Pilar_1.jpgdaughter with her classes.”

Pilar_2.jpgThese English classes not only serve as a place to improve prior learning, but also as a place that meets her learning style. Pilar explains, “I love it because the teacher uses pictures, cards, and history. I like this teacher uses the vocabulary in the class.” Pilar continues, “I learned I am a visual person and Mrs. Bree uses this.” Bree Straayer was her teacher and is now the new director for the FLP.

When asked what her dream is, Pilar says, “At this moment, I always pray that I want to live near my daughter and see how she has her dreams. I know I need to work and a place for her.” 

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