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Written by Cynthia Salinas, Communications Coordinator

When asked about what motivates him, Kashindi, a father of eight, responds, “Right now, I’m parent for big family.” He continues, “[I’m] motivated to go to work. If not motivated, you cannot improve or prepare kids or family.” Kashindi and his family came to the United States as refugeesabout five years ago.

It is Kashidi’sdream to be able to improve his English because he understands the impact it can have in his life.This is why he IMG_0527.JPGstarted taking English classes through the Literacy Center’s Family Literacy Program,he says, My dreams to improve my English. Maybe, one day, I can find good job, good life. He goes on to share“Maybe to speak with a friend, find job, or take English class.”

English is not Kashindi’s first language. In fact, it is his fourth. He speaks Swahili, Kimembe (his mother’s language), and French. When he was about 15 years old, his family left West Congo for Tanzania as refugees. He found that speaking Swahili—the language of both countries—made the journey much easier. 

IMG_0523.JPGOf the several languages Kashindi speaks, his favorite is Swahili. He says, “Because all family speak Swahili. That’s why my favorite language.” Kashindi’s favorite language is tied to his ability to connect. 

That is what took place after taking the English classes provided by the Family Literacy Program. He explains, “So this class helped me because the school can call me and understand what the teacher says or like to do with the kids.” 

He recommends people take these classes. He says, “English classes, I can say is a good program. It gives any person who like to learn English or improve English. Because in this country, if no know English, it will be difficult for you.”

In all, Kashindi expresses his desire for English in French, “appétit (appetite) to learn English.”

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