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My name is Norielit, I’m from Mexico. I came from Mexico a while ago and I didn’t speak any English. I went to school a couple months. When I finished that program, I decided to call Literacy Center. They helped me to find a tutor who is helping me with my learning. I am so glad to have someone who is interested in my learning.

Together we had an interview at WOODTV 8 on eightWest in September with Terri and Rachael. This was about the tutoring program. This was my first time on television. I was very nervous, but at the same time I was very excited. They asked questions about the program and how the Literacy Center helped me to learn. The people who work in television were very friendly and nice, that helped me to feel more confident.

This interview was in the Art Museum in a small room with a lot of equipment and cameras. We sat in a small couch for an hour, before we were interviewed. I had my little girl Yaretzi, who is nine months. She was fussy and sleepy. So when they started the show, we had to go to another room with the baby. We couldn’t watch the show. After half an hour we had to go back for our interview. Someone else watched my little girl.

When I started the interview I was sitting first next to my tutor Jennifer. On another couch, the hosts started asking questions. My first question was telling my story. My second and third question were how the Literacy Center changed my life, and how is my life easier now than when I came to United States. I said my life is easier now, because I can speak more English and people can understand me. Also, my writing is easy to understand and I feel more confident to go restaurants, stores and doctors’ appointments. My last question was if I can read English books to my kids, and I said, yes!

After we finished the interview, I had a donut and I shared with Yaretzi. We said good-bye to everybody and we went back to the parking lot. This experience helped me by encouraging my learning.

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