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Citizenship: Passing the Test

Blogger: Miranda Buckwald (AmeriCorps Tutor)


For any English language learner living in the United States, the Citizenship test is daunting. Every step of the process, IMG 2915 copy copyfrom filling out forms to memorizing 100 civics questions, can be challenging. If your learner is preparing for their citizenship test, the Literacy Center of West Michigan has many resources to help them study and prepare.

Citizenship: Passing the Test is a series of textbooks available in the Tutor Library. This series consists of three books ranging in level from low beginning to intermediate. The first, titled Literacy Skills, is written for low beginning level learners. This book comes with an audio CD and introduces learners to relevant vocabulary through writing, reading and listening activities. Some examples of vocabulary words include flag, president, state, and Washington, D.C. This book is great for learners who are just beginning their literacy studies.

The second textbook is titled Civics and Literacy. While this book is also written for beginning level learners, it goes one step further than Literacy Skills by incorporating the 100 civics questions needed for test preparation. This book has no audio CD and focuses mainly on spelling, vocabulary, and the civics questions.

The third textbook, Ready for the Interview, is written as an aid for filling out the citizenship application, otherwise known as the N-400. This textbook is for high beginning to intermediate level learners, and it includes an audio CD. Through spoken and illustrated examples, the textbook demonstrates how to properly fill out the N-400 form, while also providing space for practice.

At the Literacy Center of West Michigan, we understand how challenging it can be to prepare for the citizenship test. We hope these resources help to provide you and your learner with a framework for productive studying. These books are available in the Tutor Library, in the A-Z Textbook section.

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