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Stand up for Stand Out

Blogger: Tom Rodgers (Literacy Coordinator)

Stand Out is an excellent comprehensive textbook series for an English language learner. The series features textbooks and workbooks at a variety of levels that are appropriate for many learners, and also align with the CASAS testing system.


Each unit within the series tackles civics and life skills while putting grammar and vocabulary skills in context.  Along with the textbook is a workbook that the learners can use for practice at home. Additionally, learners can continue practice at home using the accompanying audio CD. If you’re in need of a CD player for your learner, please don’t hesitate to let your Literacy Coordinator know. 

Of course, workbooks are even more successful when they’re aligned with supplemental activities and materials. The first unit involves balancing your life, and you could use the calendar from your match packet to start this work with your learner. A unit on consumer smarts would be great to utilize after visiting a grocery store together to discuss skills need to complete a successful trip to the market.


This wide-ranging series is rewarding to work on with your learner because it offers a variety of learning opportunities. If you’re looking for something new to challenge your learner or to teach a wider variety of skills, then talk with your Literacy Coordinator about getting started on the Stand Out series. 

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