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 Welcome Newcomers | American Culture

UntitledBlogger: Miranda Buckwald (AmeriCorps Family Literacy Tutor) 

If you and your learner are looking for a book series containing relevant and applicable information about life in the United States, the Welcome Newcomers series might be just what you need.

This series is for beginning level learners who are new to the United States. Each of these short books tackles an aspect of American life, including schools, money, food, and culture. The Literacy Center has stocked many books from this series in the Tutor Library. 

Because this series offers a variety of topics, you and your learner might find some books more suitable than others. In the book American Culture, the author explores subjects ranging from American food to holidays, and entertainment to style. This book will be particularly useful for someone looking for a basic understanding of cultural norms in the United States. 

In another book titled School Basics, the author explains American school systems. For example, this particular book describes the American public school system, the difference between types of schools, such as private and charter, and the roles of employees in schools. This book will be useful for someone with children enrolled or entering the school system. 

Other book titles include Transportation, Community Resources, and Money Matters. Additionally, each book contains a glossary in the back, which highlights the vocabulary words encountered while reading. These books can be read alone, or used to assist a broader discussion about the topic at hand. If you think this series of books might be helpful for you and your learner, feel free to stop by and explore the other series titles we have stocked in the Tutor Library.

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