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May 2018

Index Card Games

Blogger: Miranda Buckwald (AmeriCorps Family Literacy Tutor)

One of the many strengths of the Adult Tutoring Program here at the Literacy Center is the number of resources available to our volunteer tutors. While we thoroughly train and prepare tutors with leveled and relevant textbooks, we know that working from a single book for two hours straight can become quite boring.

Thankfully, we equipped the Tutor Library with many reference books to help tutors find new and exciting material for each lesson. Today we will be discussing one of said books, titled Index Card Games for ESL, which provides tutors with fun word games for every subject and level.

The words games featured are simple; with index cards and a bit of little creative energy, any person can enjoy lessons. The games are split into seven categories, ranging from Matched Pairs to Sentence Scrambles. For each category, the book provides pages of activities that you can either copy and cut up or transfer onto index cards. For example, the Matched Pairs section provides vocabulary lists, such as “adjective synonyms” and “adjective antonyms,” which the learners have to pair up. These lists, along with the other activities provided, have three levels: easy, moderate, and challenging.

One of our favorite aspects of the book is The Scramble section which the authors filled with sentences that are to be mixed up and then put in the right order by learners.

The sentences themselves, are also leveled, as well as put into sets such as Simple Present Tense, Conditionals, and Comparatives. Other categories in this book include Person, Place or Thing, Sound and Spell, Categories, Scenarios, and Pyramids.

You can find this book in the Reference section of the Tutor Library. Though tutors cannot remove the book out of the library and take it home, tutors can copy its' pages with the office printer.

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