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 Learner English

Blogger: Queyonna Hunt (Literacy Coordinator)

August 2018 copyLearner English, this month's reference spotlight, is a resource staple for many teachers and trainers of English language learners. We believe it can also be helpful to you as you work with your learner on navigating the English language. Learner English is designed to help you predict your learner's possible errors by examining their mother-tongue. 

This second edition has chapters that focus on significant problems of pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, as well as new chapters covering Korean, Malay/Indonesian and Polish language backgrounds. The book's multi-national contributors are experts in their fields of English teaching and instruction.

Learner English focuses on interference, or the influence of one's mother-tongue on a second or third language. The editors are meticulous in reviewing not just pronunciation, but spelling, rhythm, stress, and intonation as well as grammatical interferences.

In each chapter, readers review 1 to 2 pages of the general phonology of consonants and vowels. Then, by keeping technical linguistic terms to a minimum, Swan and Smith provide interference patterns in English Language Learning specific to twenty-two first languages.

You can find a copy of Learner English in our Tutor Library. Please remember that reference materials need to remain in the library and are unable to be taken home. However, you may photocopy pages of the book for free at our office. If you have any questions about this resource, or any others, please contact your Literacy Coordinator. 

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