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September's A-Z Textbook | Focus on Grammar

Blogger: Katherine Payne (Literacy Coordinator)

Focus on Grammar pictureFor adult learners hoping to improve their literacy skills, grammar can seem like an insurmountable barrier to fluency. For their tutors, grammar can be an out-of-reach concept tied to knowledge they acquired in early school days. Thankfully, the book Focus on Grammar structures grammar instruction in an accessible and relatable way.

With the sheer amount of information needing to be covered in English grammar, most adult literacy textbooks choose between covering the basics for everyday use or exploring advanced usage more necessary for higher education.

Focus on Grammar marries these two opposing needs into one series. With five levels ranging from beginning to advanced, learners can build their grammar fluency at any stage of their learning path.

A key difference between Focus on Grammar and other grammar resources is the amount of contextualized instruction built into each unit. Each unit builds upon the previous one, utilizing reading comprehension exercises with pre- and post-reading activities and detailed explanations of each grammar subject. 

Additionally, each unit utilizes sample photos, maps, articles, and emails to connect grammar skills to necessary life skills. From listening and conversation skills, to creating unique writing pieces, each unit allows learners to build grammar skills in all areas of instruction.

The Literacy Center of West Michigan stocks levels 1-4 of this book in the resource library. These levels were chosen based on their appropriateness for the learners we serve. To utilize this resource in your tutoring sessions, visit the tutor library in  our office or ask your Literacy Coordinator for assistance.

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