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Reading & Writing: Weaving it Together

Blogger: Thomas Rodgers (Literacy Coordinator)

Learner and tutor pairs often tell me that writing is the one topic that presents the most difficulty for them. Fortunately, we have a great resource called Weaving It Together that can help. 

Whether your learner is interested in learning more about cultures, health literacy, or inventions, there is an appropriate chapter in this series. Each chapter opens with pre-reading activities, and provides opportunities to learn vocabulary and common phrases. This then turns into writing practice about what was read and offers a checklist to self-check the writing. This checklist is an excellent tool because it encourages learner independence with the ability to monitor their own work.

Many tutors have enjoyed this series because it provides a sequential way to learn about writing that makes sense for the pair. It also engages all four of the literacy components: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Tutors have noted that learners often feel a sense of accomplishment as they go through the series and begin to write more complicated responses.

The Weaving It Together series has both a level 1 and level 2 book. The two books are intended for beginning or intermediate level learners and can be found in our Tutor Library. Please feel free to contact your Literacy Coordinator with any questions about this series or any of our other materials. 

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