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 Listen & Level Up with Pearson English Readers

Blogger: Queyonna Hunt (Literacy Coordinator) 

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Are you and your learner ready to take listening comprehension to the next level? If so, we encourage you to stop by our library to check out Pearson's English Readers Series.

Pearson, a conduit of education publishing and assessment services, understands the needs of English learners. The English Readers Series attempts to streamline the process of developing listening comprehension by offering an array of titles, all of which include plans for pre-reading and post-reading analysis and further online lesson plans.

The books in the English Readers Series are helpful tools because Pearson understands that the key to listening comprehension is finding a text that aligns with learners' interests. With a number of genres available (original works, sports, contemporary fiction, autobiographies), you shouldn't have any trouble finding a title that your learner will enjoy.

All of the books in the series also include audio CDs, a particularly valuable tool for listening comprehension. Audio narration can help those learners who can pronounce English words, but who may not know yet what those words mean. When learners are invited to listen and follow along with a narrated story, they can actively focus on bridging the words they hear to the words they see on the paper.

Having the ability to pause and replay narration also helps learners with word study. To further assist with this, Pearson has included a list of especially difficult words with examples of the words used in a sentence. Thus, by pre-teaching these words, you can better prepare your learner to recognize the word when it comes up in the context of the story. 

These books are best suited for low-intermediate to advanced learners at a B1 level. Tutors can also access free worksheets and answers for the activities in the books on the Pearson English Readers' website. Although learners cannot write in the books, they can take the books home, and tutors are always welcome to copy pages using the office printer.

If you have any questions about these books, or any other materials, please contact your Literacy Coordinator

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