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Great Short Stories for Listening & Speaking

Blogger: Katherine Payne (Literacy Coordinator)

For tutors who are looking for meaningful conversation practice for their advanced level learners, Great Short Stories for Listening-Speaking offers adaptations of timeless short stories from authors such as Nathaniel Hawthorne, Hans Christian Andersen, and the Brothers Grimm. Like similar items in our library, this workbook provides our learners an opportunity to access stories with simplified and engaging vocabulary. 

Great short stories






The workbook is structured so that each story is separated into lessons with incredible illustrations, a short author biography, and two pages of comprehension activities. Each lesson should take two days or classes to complete, which would allow pairs to use this in their weekly sessions and as homework. We encourage tutors to use the guide in the start of the book to help create a complete literacy lesson.

To start, we suggest that tutors and learners examine the illustrations before starting the story. For example, ask your learner to describe the scene, make predictions about the relationships between each character, or make assumptions about what will happen in the story .

A CD is available through our library, and learners can listen along to the story while they read, or utilize it independently for review/listening practice. The pages of post-reading activities include new vocabulary terms and common expressions to review and practice, short writing prompts to answer and discuss, and discussion prompts for learners to relate their own experiences with the story. Each exercise section ends with pronunciation practice for common sounds found in each lesson. Several activities utilize the CD for listening practice, making a CD player a necessity to complete.

Great Short Stories for Listening-Speaking, along with other audiobooks, can be found in the Literacy Center’s Tutor Library. Tutors are encouraged to visit the library during office hours or consult their Literacy Coordinator if they are interested in utilizing this resource.

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