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A Matter of Fact Series

Blogger: Queyonna Hunt (Literacy Coordinator)

It’s been a month of busy energy here at the Literacy Center. We've been basking in the warming weather and enjoying the materials that just popped onto the shelves in our Tutor Library--an amazing eruption of Non-Fiction!

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We are delighted to introduce to you this month's Featured Supplementary Resource that is literally a matter of fact!

With a fitting name, the Fact Matters series helps develop learners' foundational knowledge through the topics they will encounter in their science, social studies, and art texts. The best part? There are so many accessible titles in this series.

 If your learner is High-Beginning to Advanced then this series should provide engagement and concrete practice at their level. The books have easy readability and targeted high-interest topics. As a non-fiction series, Fact Matters does a great job in simplifying complex concepts to make learning more manageable. 

With a steady examination of each text, tutors should see an increase in teaching effectiveness. This is because, paired with the helpful display of a table, glossary, and index, Fact Matters gives tutoring-pairs an instructional model that leads them through simple and consistent content. Supplementary photo April

Lastly, when working with adults, it is crucial to use adult material. So the various real-life pictures are a real boon when engaging in comprehension development and when increasing learners' vocabulary. By going through this non-fiction series, a tutor should expect at the very least to build-up their learners' reading stamina and vocabulary.

These books are located in our Tutor Library, so stop by now to pick up one or many. Tutors are encouraged to visit the library during office hours or consult their Literacy Coordinator if they are interested in utilizing this resource.

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